Complex & Estate Maintenance

Greenleaf Maintenance Services has been effectively managing the general maintenance of complexes and estates offering high quality services to improve the aesthetics and environment of residential communities.
Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

We offer garden maintenance services to residential complexes, estates, office parks and homes. Our garden experts are extensively trained to give you the best and detailed garden services, which includes mowing of lawns, cultivating of flowerbeds, trimming of shrubs and trees, pest control and maintaining of all garden areas.

Garden & Grounds Maintenance

Cleaning Services

We offer specialised cleaning and sanitation services for indoor and outdoor communal areas such as passage floors and staircases, club and guard houses, refuse areas and paved surfaces. We have the necessary equipment and resources to cater for the cleaning and maintenance of different applications.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools require regular maintenance to ensure adequate chemical levels and proper functioning of the pumps and filtration system. We provide regular and comprehensive pool cleaning and maintenance services to ensure a clear and sparkling pool.

Sanitation of Building and Housing Units

We offer a variety of sanitation, deep cleaning and disinfecting services to building and housing units and high traffic areas to promote a healthy and safe environment.

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